“Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be.”   ~ Jodine Turner

New Visionary Novel Takes Yoga Into A New Dimension Of Daily Life

This may change how you look at everything!

Shaped cityby her yogic practices, Annajoy in The Yogini With A Thousand Eyes carries on an elegant meditative dance with the unremarkable trivial events occurring during her daily life in Amsterdam. Using imagination and reverie, she discovers mysterious minidramas enacted by characters more cleverly disguised than revelers during Carnigirlval. In her evolved consciousness, Amsterdam becomes an art gallery, funhouse and more-than-human community, where meaning is a daily event, and oases of mood catapult her into moments of ecstasy.

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Yoga Novel: Tales Of Designer Moods In Everyday Life

In The Yogini With A Thousand Eyes, the heroine presents a new model for happiness in daily life. Using her imagination she changes her perspective on drab, trivial events and perceives her city of Amsterdam as an exotic new environment in which she enjoys moments of ecstasy.

Denver resident and psychologist Francine Juhasz, after years of yoga coupled with a lively imagination, discovered small incidents occurring in her everyday life could be seen as actors skilled in pantomime offering her emotional support if she broke their codes. These trivial yet helpful theatrics occurred so often she decided to create a tale to entice others to play imaginatively with this mysterious phenomenon and enjoy the designer moods it offered. This visionary novel set in modern-day Amsterdam dramatizes how to emotionally benefit from defrocking these rascals.

“Scientists have forgotten to study trivial events,” said Juhasz, “and no adventurer has led an expedition to explore them. I’d like people to become curious about the odd little things that happen, see the art involved, and discover their daily lives can provide them with moods bordering on ecstasy.”

Decoding trivial events is Juhasz’s lifelong passion. She uses creative visualization and musing reverie in her counseling practice in Denver, helping others decipher the unsuspected nuances of the symbolism of trivial events. With her Dutch husband she gives classes and workshops globally to facilitate individuals’ contact with valuable, yet dormant, inner resources. The Yogini With A Thousand Eyes is available for download at all major eBook retailers through Smashwords and will soon be available in print on Amazon.



Book Signing At Denver Art Company November 10

Meet th7b orange and blue3VRYSMALL copye author of The Yogini With A Thousand Eyes, Francine Juhasz, reading and book signing at 6 pm

Champagne and chocolate November 10th, 4:30 to 7:30 pm

 Denver Art Company at 3151 South Platte River Drive, Englewood CO 80110

Take Santa Fe Drive to Dartmouth, West on Dartmouth to Shosone

Head South on Shoshone, 3151 (tan bldg.) will be on the left